About Us

It all began on March 2010, BBManila.com started blogging about all kinds of BlackBerry devices, products and services. From then on BBManila.com ranked top on search engines for local BlackBerry searches and the user base became huge with BBManila.com Facebook page facebook.com/bbmanila.

With constant BlackBerry software and technical issues posted on the Facebook page – we decided and being a huge BlackBerry fans who wanted to share the BlackBerry love, we created a simple forum as an extension of the blog at bbmanila.com/blackberrysupport. It has then become the hub of all sorts of discussions on troubleshooting local BlackBerry concerns for BBManila users.

Late 2011 when a good friend pitched an idea to sell authentic BlackBerry devices through BBManila.com seeing all the spike in local blog traffic, followers and such. Thus the sub-domain store.bbmanila.com sprung up. Scouting for BlackBerry suppliers was such a pain that it took a lot of time and right connections to find reliable trust worthy suppliers with complete and authentic BlackBerry devices.

From then on, the rest is history.

Head over to the store Facebook page here and see what previous buyers experienced.